Invisalign is an investment in your overall health, not just your teeth. By correcting a patient’s malocclusion we are promoting healthier mouths and bodies, increasing the ability to clean the bacteria off the teeth, decreasing the spread of bacteria to loved ones, and helping patients keep their teeth for the rest of their lives. Crooked teeth lead to dental disease due to the inability of patients to clean their teeth at home. We see periodontal disease, cavities, inflammation, bleeding and bad breath.  Also crooked teeth are a factor in occlusal wear, grinding (bruxism) and gum recession.

Invisalign is available for teenagers through all adults. Straightening your teeth builds a healthy, self confident smile. The clear aligners allow you to eat the foods you enjoy, clean your teeth effectively and avoid the need to have brackets and wires. Aligning your teeth is the first step to long term health.